Note: Presenters may have qualifications that differ from those required to teach college classes. These courses do not carry college credit.They are not-for-credit or noncredit classes.

RCCD Community Ed is always looking for great class ideas and amazing,
innovative instructors. If you have an idea for a class that will be a big-seller
in our Community, we'd love to hear from you. Click on the CE Guidelines for
basic hire info:

A. Community Education Guidelines before hire

For consideration of your class, submit the information below:

1. Submit a Resume and References.

2. A Course Proposal 
RCCD Course Proposal Form

If the Course is approved, the following information will
need to be submitted and approved by the District
before a class can be taught.

B. Community Education Guidelines after hire

1. Contract
Presenter Contract

2. W9

3. Certificate of Insurance evidencing Errors and Omissions Insurance

4. Course Change Form
Course Change Form

5. Vendor Maintenance Form
Vendor Maintenanace Form

6. Vendor PO Policy
Vendor PO Policy Form